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Seven Key Reasons Why a Trust is Best

  1. Maintain control while alive so that assets are preserved and protected.

  2. In the event of sickness or disability make certain that important decisions are left to the right people. A trust ensures that in the event your client is disabled or unable to make good decisions, the right person is appointed to the job.

  3. Control from the grave. After your client dies it is important that the assets which have been left to the beneficiaries and heirs are administered properly. The use of a trust ensures that the investments are made prudently and wisely.

  4. Asset protection. In today's litigious society more and more lawsuits are filed every day. An asset protection trust helps ensure that clients' assets are protected from unwarranted and unfair lawsuits.

  5. Tax minimization. With your client's trust, taxes can be avoided legally by placing the assets in a state which imposes no tax on trust income.

  6. Avoidance of probate. With the use of a trust your clients will avoid probate taxes in most states.

  7. The wealthy require the use of trusts. Trusts are the only legal vehicle available to pass wealth to future generations.  

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