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Why should a wealth manager set up a trust company?

You have worked hard developing relationships with your clients and helping them create their wealth. But now as your clients enter their retirement years and beyond, you risk being left out of the equation. Estate planning lawyers often influence their clients to place their assets at trust companies they have comfortable relationships with. If you're a wealth manager without an option to offer the estate planning attorney, chances are sooner or later your assets will wind up at a competitive firm.

Here are some of the benefits for wealth managers:
Maintain control of the accounts you have developed relationships with. Don't lose them to competitive firms who find they can get a better return or enjoy a better relationship with other trust companies.

Create a new profit center and charge trustee fees and other fees to your clients rather than having these paid out to a third-party trust company.

Increase the size of your business and capture new assets from wealthy investors who are looking to place their assets with a firm that has full state-of-the-art services in-house.


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