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As an additional aid, we can also support you with an on-demand, web accessible trust accounting system.

Key Benefits of a Trust Company
Control of Accounts ---Retaining accounts in-house, in your own trust company, assures your clients will not be influenced to move assets to other firms.

Opportunity to Gain New Accounts ---As a trust company, you can serve private retirement plans, charitable foundations, and endowments, and other accounts that can only be hosted by a trust company.

Reduce Trustee Fees to Your Clients ---Corporate trustees now charge heavy fees. With your own trust company you can control costs and save clients' money.

Provide Pooled or Omnibus Accounts ---You can create mini-funds in-house to purchase large positions in mutual funds or other securities with buying discounts and reduced transaction costs. You can save clients huge fees.

Enhance Credibility ---A trust company helps you attain financial institution stature, thus generating greater client confidence.

Build Equity in Your Own Firm ---A trust company helps you retain profits lost to third-party trust companies thus building equity in your own business.

The South Dakota Advantage

Why South Dakota is the best state by far for owning a trust company

Quality of Trust Regulation ---South Dakota trust statutes and regulations provide for the highest protection and care of client assets.

Asset-protection friendly ---South Dakota has one of the best asset protection laws now available in the U.S. It carries one of the shortest statutes of limitations and is advisor friendly. It permits financial advisors in other states to act as co-trustees.

No state tax ---South Dakota imposes no corporate or state income tax. This makes it possible for trusts or other entities managed by your trust company to legally avoid state tax.

Low operating costs ---Cost of labor, premises, and services are among the lowest in the U.S.

Out-of-state ownership permitted ---With the proper management and disclosure, South Dakota permits the owner(s) of a licensed South Dakota trust company to reside anywhere.

Host for retirement accounts ---A South Dakota trust company may serve as custodian trustee for many types of ERISA accounts such as IRAs, SEPs, KEOGHs, 401ks, and other company qualified plans.

South Dakota trust law permits holding all types of client assets ---Serve as custodian or trustee for stocks, bonds, mutual funds, partnership interests, debt, real estate, title to autos/vessels, plus personal property such as art, fine wine, and more.


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